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Seminars at the IDSC WT 2021/22

10/02/2022, 1.00 p.m.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Meinolf Geck, university Stuttgart
"Geometry and Representation Theory"
(videoconference per zoom)

Deligne and Lusztig revolutionised the representation theory of finite groups by using the theory of l-adic cohomology in order to produce representations of finite groups of Lie type. These developments became an active and rich area of research between algebraic geometry and algebraic group theory, both from a theoretical as well as from an algorithmic and applied point of view. In this overview talk we shall try to elucidate some key ideas.

16/12/2021, 1.00 p.m.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hannah Markwig, university Tübingen
"Tropicalized Grassmannians over fields of different characteristics" (Videoconference per zoom)

Contact persons

This image shows Meinolf Geck

Meinolf Geck

Prof. Dr.

Professor - Chair of Algebra

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Frederik Witt

Prof. Dr.

Professor - Chair of Differential Geometry

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