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Institute for Discrete Structures and Symbolic Computation (IDSC)

The IDSR at the University of Stuttgart focuses on algebra and geometry including computer-aided and algorithmic methods.
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Welcome to the IDSC website

The Institute for Discrete Structures and Symbolic Computing is the latest institute of the mathematics department of Faculty 8 Mathematics and Physics. It was constituted on 1 August 2021 and brought together the chairs of Algebra (formerly IAZ) and Differential Geometry (formerly IGT) in order to reflect the latest developments in computer-aided mathematics in algebra and geometry. Indeed, efficient and cross-linked software as well as modern programming languages give rise to new and sustainable perspectives for the treatment of complex problems of different areas of theoretical mathematics. On the other hand, these methods are also relevant for discrete problems in applied areas such as discrete optimisation or algebraic statistics. 

Research groups

The institute currently consists of two research groups:


This image showsMeinolf Geck
Prof. Dr.

Meinolf Geck

Professor - Chair for Algebra

This image showsFrederik Witt
Prof. Dr.

Frederik Witt

Professor - Chair of Differential Geometry

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