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Institute for Discrete Structures and Symbolic Computation (IDSC)

The IDSC at the University of Stuttgart focuses on algebra and geometry with particular regard to discrete structures and computer-aided methods (symbolic computation).
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Welcome to the IDSC website

Our focus in research and teaching is set on algebra and geometry, as well as their application to various problems in computer science, physics or biology. A notable feature is the use of discrete methods and tools from symbolic computation. These involve various areas of pure mathematics, but prove also useful for discrete problems of applied mathematics.

The institute also participates in joint research projects such as as the CRC-TRR 195 "Symbolic tools in Mathematics and their Application“ and is involved in various international software develoment projects such as CHEVIE. Further details can be found on our research pages.

To get an idea of our teaching activities you can also have a look at the presentation of the G.A.G.A. lecture track, or our supervised bachelor and master theses.


  • NTRU-Kryptosystem (Witt)
  • The Geometry of Classical Mechanics (Degeratu)
  • Sphere packings constructed via binary block codes by means of construction A (Degeratu)
  • Mathieu groups (Veniani)
  • Topological Data Analysis with the Vietoris-Rips-Complex (Witt)
  • Hyperbolic Spaces (Degeratu)
  • Cosmology (Degeratu)
  • The tropical Grassmannian variety (Witt)
  • The Mordell-Weil Theorem on elliptic curves (Witt)
  • The collapse of a star and the formation of black holes (Degeratu)
  • Traversible Schwarzschild Wormholes (Degeratu)
  • Gravitational Waves (Degeratu)
  • Regular algebraic curves (Witt)
  • On the classification of complex surfaces (Witt)
  • The Schwarzschild-Metric (Degeratu)
  • Toric Ideals, Gröbner Bases and the Knapsack Problem (Witt)


  • Desargues` and Pappus` Theorem in Projective Geometry (Witt)
  • The Picard- and Jacobi-Variety of a Riemann surface (Witt)


  • Algorithms for Chevalley's Theorem (Geck / Witt)
  • Neural Networks and Quiver Varieties (Degeratu)
  • Co-Higgs bundles on projective spaces (Witt)
  • Protein sequences and tropical geometry (Witt)
  • Critical brain hypothesis from a mathematical point of view (Degeratu)
  • Toric Co-Higgs bundles and pre-valued vector spaces (Witt)
  • The Laws of Black Hole Theromodynamics from a Mathematical Viewpoint (Degeratu)
  • Gravitational Waves in the Presence of Cosmological Constant (Degeratu)
  • Quotients of algebraic varieties (Witt)
  • Limiting configurations from a hermitian point of view (Witt)
  • Hodge Theory on noncompact manifolds (Witt)


  • Elliptic curves and Galois extensions of Q (Witt)
  • Neural networks and Gröbner bases (Witt)

Further information can be also found on the personal pages of our members.

Research groups
The institute currently consists of the research groups


This image shows Brigitta Bauer

Brigitta Bauer


Administration office Chair of Algebra

This image shows Rebekka Lutz

Rebekka Lutz


Administration office Chair of Differentialgeometry

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