TüSS Tübingen-Stuttgart Seminar, Vortrag von Dr. Davide Veniani (Uni Stuttgart), Titel: Towards an atlas of Enriques surfaces, Videokonferenz per Zoom

18. Mai 2022, 14:00 Uhr

Zeit: 18.05.22, 14:00 – 15:30 Uhr
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One of the milestones of algebraic geometry is the classification of algebraic surfaces obtained by Castelnuovo and Enriques, revived and extended by Kodaira, Mumford and Bombieri.
In this classification, Enriques surfaces played a fundamental role as the first example of non-rational surfaces with vanishing arithmetic and geometric genus.
The original construction by Enriques involves a 10-dimensional family of sextic surfaces in the projective space which are non-normal along the edges of a tetrahedron.
In a joint work with G. Martin (Bonn) and G. Mezzedimi (Hannover), we study particular configurations of curves on Enriques surfaces, called (quasi-)elliptic fibrations.
As a consequence of our results, we show that all Enriques surfaces arise from Enriques' original construction, as soon as the characteristic of the ground field is not 2.
In this talk, I will recollect the 125-year-old history of Enriques surfaces, explain how our work fits in this story, and provide some insights into future projects.

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