30.06.2023: Tübingen-Stuttgart-Seminar (TüS\S) in der Universität Stuttgart

30. Juni 2023 /

Am 30. Juni 2023 findet wieder unser Tübingen-Stuttgart-Seminar (TüSS) in Stuttgart statt! Universität Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 57, Fachbereich Mathematik, Fakultätssaal, 8. OG, Raum 8.122

13:15-14:15: Prof. Dr. Irene Bouw, Universität Ulm
Titel: „Reduction of curves and Galois representations“
Abstact: In this talk we discuss arithmetic aspects of curves defined over the rational numbers. We focus on superelliptic curves, which may be described by an algebraic equation of the form y^m=f(x), where f(x) is a
polynomial. We explain how reduction to positive characteristic can be used to determine the (local) Galois representation of a curve.

14:45-15:45: Prof. Dr. Stefan Wewers, Universität Ulm
Titel: „An analytic approach to the computation of semistable reduction of curves
Abstract: Let Y be a smooth projective curve over p-adic number field K. The semistable reduction theorem says that there exists a finite extension L/K and a semistable model of Y over the ring of integers of L. In my talk I will discuss methods for explicitly computing such a model. These method have a very convenient formulation in the language of analytic geometry a la Berkovich.

16:15-17:15: Prof. Dr. Jeroen Sijsling, Universität Ulm
Titel: „Determining endomorphism rings of Jacobians“
Abstract: Given an algebraic curve, we can construct its Jacobian. This is both an algebraic and an analytic object. We discuss how these different ways of considering the Jacobian allow us to algorithmically determine an important invariant associated to it, namely its endomorphism ring, and we briefly discuss the applications of these algorithms, for example in the context of modularity. This uses joint work with Edgar Costa, Nicolas Mascot, and John Voight.

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